A Place to Connect

We offer you a Family Site where you can create a family memorial for generations. It’s coupled with an all-in-one experience, through an online portal, with and immediate personal response to all your needs:

  • Family plot sizes at affordable pricing

  • Recommended burial services

  • Unique venue features

  • Nature-themed areas and walkways with distinct landscaped quality

  • Simple access, ample parking

  • Shuttle service from parking to venue area or family plot
  • Concierge service

  • WiFi and online virtual visits

  • Augmented reality experience

  • Live funeral infrastructure, for real time attendance if not possible to attend physically

  • Capturing and recording of the different steps of the proceedings

  • 24 Hr operations and drone security

  • In-house garden services you can opt-in

  • Ash repository

  • Professional planner

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