Why people prefer private cemeteries

Let us first differentiate between a public and a private cemetery.

The difference between a public or private cemetery has very little to do with ownership and more to do with whether it is utilized by the general public instead of a private family. A public cemetery is open for the use of the the community at large. It may even be a community cemetery or one affiliated with a place of worship. A private cemetery has no religious or military affiliation and it is not owned and run by the city, state, or county. Rather, it is a private business that offers a service based on need.

Why people prefer to use a Private Cemetery, instead of a public cemetery.

In the South African context, public cemeteries are often congested and overcrowded, especially during the peak times (when funerals take place) and many of them are not well secured or maintained. A private cemetery such as Memorial Gardens, alleviates many of these concerns and often serve as a better choice for those who do not wish to be burdened by the problems associated with public cemeteries. Private cemeteries like Memorial Gardens Lanseria also provide many benefits that public cemeteries can not. These include a wide range of services before, during and after the funeral. Examples of such would include: funeral event planning, access to ancillary services such as tailor making / dressmaking, accommodation bookings for out of town guests, airport transfers to the venue, all inclusive funeral services (Audio visual, live-streaming, catering, concierge services, shuttle services between the chapel, grave and dinning hall), private up keeping and maintenance of the graveside. People wish to have privacy, exclusive access to services and peace of mind knowing that all their needs are being met during their time of bereavement. This therefore leaves private cemeteries as the preferred option for discerning families. Click here to learn more about Memorial Gardens Private Cemetery Offering.

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