Reasons to Choose a Mausoleum

There are various ways to honor a life well-lived. For many years, some of the most famous and beautiful legacies have been stone memorials and cemetery mausoleums.
While many modern-day mausoleums are very small in size, they still remain beautiful works of art and craftsmanship with the purpose of honoring those who have passed away, offering a peaceful and private setting for loved ones to pay their respects. Individuals and families choose to build mausoleums on a case-by-case basis, but the following reasons are why our prefer these grand gestures of honouring the memory of their loved ones. 1. Mausoleums can be designed and built to your exact specifications. From size, colors and customizations to the surrounding landscaping, you are able to choose just how much sophistication you would like your mausoleum to have. Once you’ve worked with a memorial specialist on your mausoleum design, materials will be sourced and prepared by expert craftsmen. 2. Multiple members of a family can lay in rest together. It isn’t always easy to find burial plots close to family members. However, with mausoleums, your entire family, including generations to come, can share a special memorial space. There are several different types of mausoleums, all of which are designed to house the remains of multiple people. For example, a family mausoleum can serve as a large-scale structure that can hold 20 or more people. 3. Mausoleums serve as a permanent reminder of your family’s impact and legacy. Ancient mausoleums were designed to be grand in scale to represent the wealth, power and stature of the people laid to rest in them. Although not as large, today’s mausoleums can still be grand in their own way. A mausoleum serves as a unique tribute to the person you were and a legacy for generations to come. As you grow older, you may start thinking more about what you will leave behind for generations to come. 4. A place for future generations to gather and remember. Not only does a private mausoleum provide beauty and shelter for those who have passed on, it provides a private and sacred space for surviving family members and future generations to visit and memorialize. Additionally, indoor mausoleums offer a comfortable, peaceful place to visit because they provide protection from heat, cold and rain. This allows family members to visit in comfort year-round.

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